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  • Melissa Merritt

Room block or a flexible contract? Which is best for your event?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

More often than not, the differences between a room block and a room code cause the most confusion. Let’s simply this!

Room Block:

-10 room minimum

-Includes a contract

-Upfront deposit required

-Specific rooms and event spaces are secured

-Room rates are locked in

-Added value in additional benefits

-If the resort is overbooked, your guests will not be moved to another resort.

Room Code:

- 5 room minimum

-No contract to sign

-Upfront deposit not required

-No rooms or event spaces held

-Room rates fluctuate to current rates

-Reduced amount of benefits

-If resort is overbooked, your guests could be moved to another resort.

With either situation, don’t let the attrition dates catch you off guard! Missing these can increase your costs and leave you with having to pay for additional rooms.

Ready to start planning your fabulous event in a beautiful destination? Let’s get planning!

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