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It's A Race For Space!

As the world opens

back up, it is fantastic to come into the office every day and plan new vacations instead of canceling and rescheduling trips. What many of you might not know is that I have another office. That office is sitting in a car that I race. When my out of office is on, and I am not exploring an all-inclusive resort, checking out a ship, or rolling along on a river cruise, you will usually find

me at a dragstrip. In that office, I am in a race for time. With the type of racing that I do, it's all about reaction time and the time to get to the finish line.

What does this have to do with travel? In that office, it is a race for time. In this office, we are all in a different race together, and that is a race for space. From the start of the pandemic through this past spring, so many vacations, incentive trips, destination weddings, etc., were rescheduled. Those 16 months of rescheduled travel events and vacations compounded on each other. Now, we have people who are anxious to travel again, and space is going fast! At first, the summer was a challenge to reserve rooms. When summer was not available, we quickly starting booking into the fall and early winter. As you can imagine, today, the finish line is moved again, and we are now having trouble finding dates to match the client's preferences for early to mid-2022. These are not situations where we can move a week or two; these are situations where we have to move 3 to 6 months from the original plan, even for small groups of only ten rooms!

There are a few takeaways from all of this. Just like when I am racing, it takes flexibility & expecting that things won't always go as planned, and of course, being quick. It is fabulous that so many of you want to go on vacation again and travel with friends and family. I love that those destination events are finally coming about for meetings and recognition trips plus destination weddings. From all of this, if you have been thinking of a destination event or vacation for next year, it is best to get started quickly! When we begin to work through your details, we need to expect that the original plan may not come about as dates, rooms & cabins, etc., are very limited, and flexibility will be essential. The larger the group, the more of a challenge we will have, but we will find that space. We just need to be prepared and determine a plan B, and even a plan C.

Together, we will find the incredible destination that takes your trip past the finish line!

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