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5 Reasons All-Inclusive Resorts Are The Perfect Fit For Your Events

Photo Courtesy of Karsima Resorts

Five Reasons All-Inclusive Resorts Are The Perfect Fit For Your Events

At an all-inclusive resort, your next event or meeting will come together seamlessly, whether it's a sales meeting, an executive retreat, or a recognition trip. Even with an agenda with numerous moving pieces, you will find all you need in one location.

Focus on Business: Many resorts have meeting spaces available, from convention space to ballrooms to breakout rooms, plus beautiful outdoor venues showcasing breathtaking ocean views. With state-of-the-art A/V and onsite support, your events come together with minimal effort.

Included Amenities: Employees will appreciate the complimentary food, snacks, and beverages & not having to take out the corporate credit card to expense later. Your team will enjoy all the resorts' amenities, many of which are included with the resort stay. New connections are made on paddleboards, and breakthrough ideas come about while they relax by the pool. Some resorts include transfers as well; again, another item not to expense.

Customize Your Plans: Need to break up the time outside of the meetings? Many resorts have plenty of group activities and excursions available right on property - great for team building, networking, or rewarding top performers. Coordinate a cooking class for an afternoon, catamaran sunset cruise, plan to volunteer locally, or for an adventure excursion such as ziplining. So many possibilities!

Budgeting: Meeting costs are simplified by being on a per-person basis. You will not have to spend time reviewing detailed invoices on room charges, taxes, gratuities, unexpected F&B charges, room fees, etc.

Exclusivity: For a more exclusive, private event, many resorts can accommodate a buyout of the whole resort. This is beneficial when you bring folks together to collaborate on a confidential project such as a fabulous new product launch. With the buyout, you will not have to worry about open discussions and other guests at the resort. You will also have more flexibility to use the different venues throughout the resort as you like.

There are fantastic all-inclusive resorts throughout Mexico and The Caribbean that could be a perfect fit for your next event; however, they are not all the same. Aside from differences in the meeting spaces and venue options, room categories vary, there are differences in the amenities, the variety of restaurants can be a factor, etc. Ready to determine which resort is best for your next event? Let's start planning today! Schedule your complimentary event or meeting planning consultation through this link.

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